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Portfolio - Writing

The following are a sampling of writing projects I have worked on over my 20+ year career. I have written articles for The Southeast Outlook newspaper’s “You Asked For It” column, the bi-monthly Lamplighter magazine, and am an avid blogger approaching 2,000 articles on The CiP Journal. A co-written book on faith is available in print and e-book on Amazon. My skills cover writing, editing, and proofing.


Nathan, congratulations on the great milestone of producing over 1,000 articles in your blog. I have long enjoyed your vision and faith to use every technology available as the vehicle to the mind with your faithful message warning millions to prepare to meet their God before the Rapture so they will not be left behind… and that you faithfully use your considerable writing, researching and preaching gifts to His glory.

It is an honor to be your friend and colleague in spreading “the gospel of our great God” who has promised many times to return and take us to Heaven. John 14:1-6.

Yours in Him, till He comes.
Dr. Tim LaHaye
[bestselling author of over 75 books]